Walkies Field

Secure Field

Here at Walkies we have a privately owned secure field, where dogs can roam and play freely. This gives us the ability to closely oversea the dogs without the hassle from public areas this means we can avoid young children, unfamiliar dogs and litter which helps with the overall safety and wellbeing for the dogs.

The benefit to having a secure field is it allows the staff to build trust with new dogs, along with providing safe training for new and nervous dogs. This removes the stress and worry about a dog getting anxious and running away. Which gives the staff more freedom to try different techniques to build a bond with the dog. Last but not least the dogs have the freedom to run, play and socialize in a secure field.



 Secure Indoor Unit


The indoor unit is our indoor area for dogs it is used when the weather gets very bad in the winter season. The cold weather and heavy rain can sometimes become too extreme. The indoor unit allows us to walk dogs in a warm and clean environment, protected from the extreme elements.

Rental and Training

Both the Field and the Unit are available to rent out in the early morning or late afternoon.

We also host dog training and socialize event throughout the week. Look out on our Facebook page for upcoming sessions  and events.

Please Contact us if you are interested. 07734 068752 or 01253 883567