Sensory and Enrichment gardens


Our safe and enclosed sensory and enrichment garden include features, surfaces, objects and plants that stimulate senses and help to tackle stress in our dogs, through touch, sight, scent, taste and hearing.

At Walkies we have created a special area to tantalise their senses, allowing them to interact with their surroundings and provide mental and physical challenges, stimulate their brains and activate their natural canine instincts.

 The garden is calming and helps with stressed dogs from bereavement, being re homed, illness or unknown stresses that are affecting their daily life.

 We have amazing scented plants and restful seating. Dogs may choose to inhale a plant, or they might want to eat it – We’ve got lots of different plantsi in the gardens, planted in tyres which give our dogs a nice shelf to stand on whilst they self-select. They are in a quite corner where they can make their own selections.

 We are always planting new varieties in the garden, our current favourites are mint, lavender, basil, parsley, cat nip, garlic or birch and many more. This encourages them to become more confident, reduce stress, and to encourage natural behaviours.

 As well as the varied plantlife we also have :


Relaxing wind chimes,
water features
Natural elements

Textures on the ground


Colours Plants
Pond Lights


Digging area
Resting area


Treats to forage
Bottle game – can add your own treats if any allergies


  • Sensory garden £5 – up to an hour
  • Dog Training /behaviour advice one to one £25 per hour
  • Dog Training in a group /events £12.50 or hour

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