Pet Microchipping

After April 2016 , legislation was to make it compulsory dogs to be microchipped before 8 weeks of age, this is to help a huge problem of stray dogs, and irresponsible ownership. A microchip  is implanted under the skin painlessly, the chip has an individual number read by a suitable scanner, and is the size of a small grain of rice, which the registered owners details are held on a database. This means that an animal can be reunited to the person who is held on the records, which makes it important to keep the details up to date for example addresses telephone numbers. Dogs should wear a collar and tag at all times especially in a public space, which should include your name address and a telephone number – not a legal requirement but advisable, we provide a tag with our details to pop on your dogs collar whilst out with us to meet these requirements please make sure it stays on at all times. We are fully trained so please talk to us regarding getting your animal chipped, in the comfort of your own home. Microchipping – £18   (extra charges apply for travelling to your work or home)