Dog Walking 

When it comes to dog walking there is no one as experienced as us here at Walkies Blackpool. We love dogs and we love what we do, it is because of this that we aim to provide a high level of service, making sure both our clients and their dogs are completely happy.

How We Work

  1. We collect your dog from your home.
  2. Next we will bring your dog to our enclosed field here at walkies.
  3.  Your dog now has time to run around and socialise with other dogs.
  4. After the walk we will return your dog to your home. Times & prices below.


How Walkies Blackpool can help you?

Your time is the most valuble asset you have and we all have the same 24 hours in the day. We spend most of that time working and preforming small tasks like making dinner or taking the dog for a walk. Theses tasks are reaptive and take up alot of your free time, free time that could be used do things you enjoy like spending time with your family.

We have all been in the situation where your beloved pet is looking at you with those eyes that say “I want to go for a run” but the typical british weather is doing its thing rain, cold winds or dark clouds. So, you say to your pet “not today” where recive a sad and disappointed look. Well here at walkies we are out walking in all types of weather to walk dogs so you can avoid the typical british weather.

We have trained and experinced staff who will build a bond with your dog.  This is great for helping your dog settel in. Which makes it easier to provide training such as recall for getting on/off the lead. Lastly, it helps your dog socialise with other dogs.

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Times & Prices 

Dog Walking

Duration Number of dogs Price
1 hour 1 £11
1 hour 2+ £17

Payments Accepted:

What’s Next 

Call us on 01253 883567 or 07734 068752 so we can further discuss our services we look forward to hearing from you.